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Vietnamese Cuisine

Food from one of the world's healthiest kitchens


Traditional Vietnamese food is known for its fresh ingredients and minimal use of oil. With the balance between sweet, sour and salty, all ingredients are carefully selected and matched with each other to reach the finest taste. 

Under the influence of Chinese culture, Vietnamese cuisine also respects the balance of yin-yang in every meal. "Cold" factors such as fish are commonly combined with the "warm" ginger, and the extraordinary Vietnamese egg coffee is the perfect combination of the "yin" coffee with the "yang" egg.

Catering & Events


Love our food and wanna have a party with your friends? You are always welcome to consult us for a customised catering service for your own needs. At this moment, Kimmade is happy to assist you with special catering with pick-up only policy.

“It's not about any concept. At Kimmade, we deliver a cuisine.” 

The Herbs

Fresh herbs from Southeast Asia

Herbs are irreplaceable in Southeast Asian kitchens, and the Vietnamese kitchen is not an exception. With the extensive use of herbs in every single dish, you can taste the significant and distinguishable flavours that no other can match.

Kimmade proudly brings you through a journey where a long list of herbs can be discovered from North to South of Vietnam.


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